The constitution of the People's Communist Party

Introduction and Home Affairs

1.1 The guiding principle of the "People's Communist Party" is equality for all citizens, regardless of status, race, gender, age, wealth or experience. This is the guiding principle in eRepublik that we support and hold true.

1.2 In support of this guiding principle we hold the following core beliefs;

1.2.1 We believe in supporting and guiding the less wealthy and powerful because the eUK can only be as strong as its weakest citizen.

1.2.2 We believe in team work because collectively we can achieve more than one individual alone.

1.2.3 Everyone should have a say in how this country is run, regardless of wage, political direction or status within the eUK.

1.2.4 We believe in putting our principles into practice, in the way we work together in our party, in the way we work together in congress and, with your help, in the way we work together with you in government.

1.3 We do not endorse the usage of the Peoples Communist Party, or any other party in the top five, as platforms for potential congress-people to voice their candidacy, without respecting and sharing with the party its aims.

1.4 We believe in open democracy. All political decisions and votes affecting the public should be made in the open, except in the most extreme circumstances of national security. All Ministers should be available to respond to members of the public and account for their decisions.

Together we can make the UK great

The People’s Army

2.1 The People’s Army fights against the forces of inequality and exploitation.

2.2 The People’s Army fights for the worker’s interests.

2.3 The People’s Army is a purely voluntary force drawn from members of the People’s Communist Party and communes.

Stance on The Economy

3.1 The People's Communist Party believes that the rights of the individual worker and consumer supersede the right of the company owner to profit and that the best way to achieve this is to maintain as much state control over the economy as is necessary, for the common good.

3.2 The best way to implement this is to ensure that interests of the workers and consumers are properly represented by the party.

3.3 We believe it is the government's duty to ensure fair trading practices and that a worker's wage should enable a high standard of living, and is also flexible enough to change with the price of consumer goods and in response to market forces.

3.4 Government regulation should prevent the problem, not just suppress it, and to that effect we will avert market failure with foresight, instead of having and then solving an economic crisis.

3.5 Every worker should have the right to a fair wage, regardless of employer.

3.6 Every citizen should have the right to buy fairly priced goods, undeterred by a monopoly in the target market.

3.7 Every company manager should not obtain huge profits to the detriment of the public or employees, as we believe that every business has a responsibility for society.

Leadership and its roles

4.1 The PCP does not believe in a single leader, but rather a spokesperson, through whom the entire experience and collected knowledge of the PCP is expressed. When one votes for the PCP CP candidate for the country, one votes for the PCP as a whole for Prime Minister.

4.2 The PCP chooses its leader through a common consensus about who should be the next leader. The PCP believes competition weakens us through division, rather than through unity.

4.3 The PCP leader is discussed and elected in the forum, and thus PCP members should make it their primary aim to join the forum as soon as possible.

Stance on other left-wing parties

5.1 The PCP are willing to work with all other left-wing parties on policies that we share. We will not, however, change ourselves to better integrate with international communist groups - our priority is and always will be the UK.

5.2 We are willing to trade ideas and cooperate with other left wing parties without directly influencing their policies or elections.

Foreign Affairs

6.1 We will not influence other countries' General Elections. We believe countries should decide upon their leader, not us. We have no right to influence the result of an election through direct or indirect attempts. The will of the people is all important.

6.2 We will make it our priority to serve the UK, but in the event that a party that we share close link to calls for help, we will strive to meet their requests when possible.


7.1 The People's Communist Party holds these ideas to be true and solid. We will not go against our constitution unless in times of extraordinary circumstance.

(revised 24/07/10)