PCP Communes

Here at the PCP one of the things we strive for most is creating equality in the eUK, and the communes we run are based on this vision. 

Instead of private, capitalist companies where the General Manager (GM) sells your produce for his own profit, we provide a socially-minded workplace where goods are redistributed to you.

We take any worker, new or old, experienced or inexperienced, rich or poor, and every one of our workers receives the same. The way it works is that everyone is paid minimum wage, but instead of receiving a higher wage like that on the private market, the goods produced by you and other commune workers are redistributed to the workers. You'll automatically be given food for every day of the week. As well as this we provide houses to those who have proven themselves to be hard-working and dedicated, and we also provide food and weapons for important battles.

If you want to break free of exploitation and join one of our communes, simply apply by clicking here.