PCP Co-ops

In introducing our communes we brought about a systematic change which gave people an alternative way to work and “live” in the eUK; by not being exploited in the fundamental sense of the word but by working in a socially-minded system where everyone is treated equal and everyone receives the same.

However, working in a commune is not for everyone! Although you are supplied with all you need, there is a certain lack of freedom that you don’t get with a private job that comes with purchasing your own goods and spending money how you wish. Our commune workers don’t mind this of course; however co-ops offer an alternative which is the best of both worlds. This is why we introduced the PCP Co-operative Network (PCPCON).

With a co-operative you get the freedom from exploitation that a commune offers and the knowledge that you are receiving a greater proportion of the profit than if you worked privately, instead of a GM selling your labour for his/her own profit. You receive an equal proportion of all profit made and you can spend this money how you wish, even accumulate if you want to, the choice is yours. PCPCON offers citizens the chance to partake in a socially-minded business where people are treated equally, free from exploitation, with a healthy sum of money paid to each worker each week, on top of an already competitive wage.

So how does it work? As a co-op member you are paid a wage comparable with a private company. As well as this though you will be paid a dividend at the end of the week, based on profit earned and the value of the company. As well as this, a small percentage will be paid back to the PCP to cover the costs of the company but more importantly to fund the next co-operative; allowing us to expand and offer more positions for more citizens in a growing co-operative network.

If you would like more information please look at the co-op thread on the forum, or if you would like to apply for a position in a PCP co-operative please click here.